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After that, the Legion worked with the Bottineau County Commission to build and secure the present War Memorial Building for its use. This building, which for many years served both the Legion and its Auxiliary, included the Bottineau County Library. In 1937 the building was dedicated in conjunction with the Memorial Day service that spring. The parade was led by the Legion Drum and Bugle Corps, consisting of sons of Legionnaires.
He served overseas from December 15, 1917 until he was killed in action on July 23, 1918. He was initially buried in France and then reburied at Arlington National Cemetery. Knut Jorgenson was born at Grand Forks, North Dakota on November 8, 1892. He enlisted in the United States Army at Grand Forks on May 27, 1918. He was initially buried in France but was reburied in East Walle Cemetery, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

  • The Louis Maixner Post 220 received its national organizational charter on February 13, 1922.
  • His remains were returned to the United States on August 4, 1921 and he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • An additional $15,500 was borrowed to help finance this addition.
  • As of 1994, when we attained a new all-time high enrollment of 153, Post 299 had been awarded 17 honor ribbons recognizing outstanding membership accomplishments since the birth of the post.
  • In Citation Orders 6, General Headquarters, AEF, France, dated June 3, 1919, he was cited for gallantry in action and for leadership of his squad.
  • May 28, 1943 – A farewell party was held for Comrade Hugh Auer who was the first member of the post to enlist in the present war.

This small group is involved with all programs of the local Edgar M. Boyd Post 37 of The American Legion, plus supporting a separate program of its own by furnishing scholarships for nurses training. The voiture also supports programs of the Forty et Eight’s national organization. Another meeting was held May 19, 1920, presided over by Oleta Metzger, president pro tem, at which permanent officers were elected. Mrs. Mary Harvey, who had four sons in the armed services, became the first president. Others elected were Mrs. Minnie Slaytor, vice-president; Mrs. Mayme Nesting, secretary, and Mrs. Millie Jeffrey, treasurer. Next it was forwarded to Legion headquarters in New York City for a second endorsement on August 25 by Eric Fisher Wood, secretary of the Legion’s national executive committee. He in turn mailed the approve charter to Fargo to receive a third endorsement by Williams for the state Legion’s organizing committee. The charter was then mailed to Jackson for formal presentation to the newly organized post at Williston—the 37th post to be chartered in North Dakota. Returning Vietnam veterans were honored at a special dinner and program in 1974.
This raffle is the post’s only money maker at the present time. In August 1920, 38 veterans of World War I held membership in Post 66. Following World War II, the post reached its all-time high enrollment of 252 members in 1946, before the new post at nearby Regent was organized. Current officers are Linda Simmons, president; Rosemary Moses, vice-president; Paulette Rasmussen, treasurer, and Diane Liuska, secretary. A past fifth district president, Liuska is pursuing service as chair of various department committees and in state offices with the goal of becoming the Auxiliary’s turn-of-the-century department president. The Legion Hall was used for many meetings and especially the Wing Senior Citizens Club, who took over the building in 1981, did some extensive remodeling and still operates it today. The post retained meeting privileges and other functions as needed.
Ogelthorpe, GA. He served overseas in France from March 30, 1918 until his death on July 1, 1918 when he drowned in the Marne River while in command of a detail to capture prisoners across the river. He was initially buried in France and letter interred at the Woodbine Cemetery in Valley City. The Robert Kurtz Post 57 received its national organizational charter on September 22, 1919. In 1958, we started the project of building a memorial plot in the local cemetery to honor our fallen veterans. The city fathers sold us four cemetery lots for $1 for this project. Corner markers of granite, l2″x 12″ with Legion emblem engraved on them, mark the boundary. A main plaque in a monument 3’x5’x10″ thick with a rounded top and topped with a cross is centered in our lot. A field of 18 white crosses completes the memorial plot, which is the site of our Memorial Day ceremonies. Since 1958, flags on 18-foot poles have been added for each fallen veteran. A name for each deceased veteran is attached to each pole.
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Byron G. Elliott was born in Leonard, North Dakota September 30, 1921. He was killed in action at Hickam Field, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. He was buried at the National Memorial of the Pacific Cemetery, Hawaii. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard at Fargo, North Dakota on July 2, 1917 and was called into Federal service on July 15, 1917.

The American Legion, being a veterans’ organization, undertakes many functions according to community needs, some of which are Americanism, Poppy Day, scholarships, sponsoring of Boys State and various sports. He fought in several engagements including Meuse-Argonne, Ypres-lys, and Auybrfeville . He was discharge at Camp Dodge, Iowa on May 7, 1919 as a Wagoner. Lt. Frederick Hankins, U.S. Navy pilot, was killed in action December 14, 1944, in the Battle of Leyte Gulf as it is collectively called. Gladwin Roberts, 82nd Airborne, U.S. Army, was killed in action June 15, 1944, in France three days before his 20th Title Loans Maddock North Dakota birthday. He had written home a short note to tell of the “hanging trees.” This is what the American parachutist termed the trees in France when paratroopers got hung up in the branches and lost their lives. Arthur Solie Post 121 of Parshall, North Dakota, is the first American Legion post established in Mountrail County. The charter members were Henry Sell, L.J. Madsen, A.H. Sell, J.H. Withers, E. Kjelstrup, H. Arnson, M. Sorenson, J. O’Hanlon, A.J. Cremer, C. Christyan, J.B. Brendal, B.G. Shubert, R.L. Bard, N. Nelson, and J.A. The main objective of the Auxiliary is to support the Legion in its endeavors.

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With many veterans returning in 1945 and 1946, the membership list of Post 151 increased dramatically. The post had been meeting in various public rooms since the hall had been sold in the 1930s. In March 1946, a vote was taken and it was decided to purchase the Hagenson building for $1,700 from Agnes Rogers. Twenty-dollar donations from all the members were requested; the goal was reached, and once again Scranton Legionnaires had a hall of their own.

Boys State is indeed another great program that we support by sending one or two high school juniors each year to learn how the government functions. Post 179 has had strong support from a great Auxiliary unit in so many ways. The unit furnished the post home, recognizes the annual Legion birthday in March with a party and serves a meal on Memorial Day, plus a lot of other support. There was a need for a modern Post Office in Milton, so the building was built accordingly, with two front doors and a 20×30 portion being rented to the Postal Service. It is a great asset for the post to receive the monthly rental check. The building was completed in March of 1974 and a grand opening supper and dance were held. Post 179 was very proud of its new home at a total cost of $20,000. On December 22nd of the same year we had an early morning fire causing extensive damage, totaling $14,735.

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In 1952 the unit was able to hold its Auxiliary meetings in the new Legion home, meeting the first Wednesday of every month. Having seen a bucking fun car on television in the parade at the national Legion convention, I talked to Cliff Beeks and Roy Sheldon about making one. They thought it was a good idea and we had a very active Legion post to help carry it through. Chris Ploeger had a two-door Model T Ford sedan sitting down by my blacksmith shop that he wasn’t using. ” I then talked to Cliff Sampson, who was operating our blacksmith shop, if he could shorten the frame and drive shaft, move the rear wheels ahead, cut off the top and put a tail wheel on it. He said, “no problem,” as after harvest the blacksmith business was not too hectic. Washburn has had a long-standing love affair with Memorial Day, with the first observance of the holiday occurring in 1884. For 110 consecutive years, the community has paused to remember and honor all veterans from the area. The Post 12 meeting rooms are full of trophies earned on the baseball diamond by the youth of Washburn as a part of the Legion-supported program. At various times, the Washburn team has been able to provide roster spots for players from other surrounding communities that no longer have baseball.

The W. L. Cowper Post 238 received its national organizational charter on January 25, 1927. The Qually-Dvorak Post 237 received its national organizational charter on November 30, 1926. The LaBrash-Altringer Post 236 received its national organizational charter on November 19, 1926. The William Hanson Post 230 received its national organizational charter on March 8, 1924. The Westby Post 229, originally as Post 71 of Department of Montana, received its national organizational charter on February 16, 1920. The Korean War era increased membership to 77 in 1958 and the Vietnam era increased membership to 101 in 1983. The post works toward obtaining benefits for the war veterans and is of service to disabled veterans, widows and orphans. The Bjornson-Sigfusson Post 227 received its national organizational charter on February 5, 1923.

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Through good organization and excellent players the program experienced early success at the state, regional and national levels. The Legion building has been the scene of many special occasions. The list of attendees included many department officials, other former department commanders, active statewide Legionnaires, members of the local Auxiliary unit, friends and family. Members of this post have been in the forefront of the State Oratorical program for a long time, from sponsoring contests on the local level to hosting the national contest. The Conrad Leifur oratorical traveling trophy, which is placed at the state oratorical champion’s high school, originated in Bismarck.
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Among their many decorations were five Distinguished Service Crosses and a Navy Cross. They suffered a 50% casualty rate, including 325 who did not return. They were training for the scheduled invasion of Japan when the war ended. The 164th Infantry Regiment had succeeded in establishing itself as one of America’s finest fighting units. The Gift of Life program, which encourages people toward organ donation and participation in blood drives, has been a long-standing activity of Post 2. This was obviously the forerunner of the present emphasis on automobile daytime running lights. Gilbert C. Grafton Post also has given strong support to ROTC programs at NDSU and has been involved through the years in national security issues. A different Legionnaire has served as commander each year of the post’s existence. One Legionnaire has served twice, but not in consecutive years. The Elks Club facilities and the A.O.U.W. Hall were both utilized as meeting places before the World War Memorial Building was completed in 1930.

Also, it was a problem trying to maintain and enlarge membership but, gradually, it became a reality. In 1929, Post 5 acquired a two-story frame stucco building. This structure served many uses for both the Legion and the city—providing a post borne as well as meeting space for all sorts of functions in the community. During the following decades, numerous members of the Fargo Legion and Forty et Eight have volunteered their services in providing aid and comfort to hospitalized veterans. Supplied by the parent organizations, they distributed comfort items such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, postage stamps, stationery and canteen books. As the hospital patient load grew, so did the need for more volunteers. Teams were organized to more effectively conduct the veterans stag and other activities. Since its inception, Post 2 has shared the organization’s concern for the nation’s disabled veterans and worked to develop hospitalization and rehabilitation programs to care for them.

The post agreed to turn the property over to the community to be operated by an equal membership from the Legion and the Lions. In this small community of limited resources and people , restoration and continued functioning of the Community Hall could not have been accomplished without the Lions involvement. Joseph E Appert was born in Hazelton, North Dakota on January 23, 1896. He served overseas in France from July 6, 1918 until he was killed in action on September 29, 1918. His remains were returned to the United States on June 14, 1921 and he was buried at Hazelton, North Dakota. Many good times were had by the Legion members, for they would gather at homes to play card games or dance.

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